Children of Malawi FAQ

Q: What is Children of Malawi?
Children of Malawi is a division of Light of Life Ministries, Inc..

Q: What is the mission of Children of Malawi?
It is our mission to raise awareness of the living conditions of the children in Malawi and to find sponsors who will give these children hope and a prosperous future.

Q: How and when did Children of Malawi start?
Children of Malawi was started shortly after the mission team of Light of Life Ministries returned from their first mission trip to Malawi, Africa in June 2009. It was started to support the Africa mission of Light of Life Ministries, to raise awareness of the living conditions of the children in Malawi as well as help the ministries raise the needed funds.

Q: Where in Malawi does Children of Malawi work?
We work in the area of Blantyre, in the South of Malawi.

Q: Does Children of Malawi work together with other organizations?
Yes. We work together with Apostolic Heart of Praise Ministries, based in Blantyre, Malawi as well as Christian Family Fellowship, based in Augusta, ME.

Q: Are there any volunteer opportunities?
Yes. We are looking for Christian volunteers who would like to join our mission team and go on short-term as well as long-term mission trips.

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