Success stories

Since we've started our Malawi mission project 'Children of Malawi', we were able to send several children/teenagers to private schools in Blantyre, thanks to faithful sponsors and their monthly donations.

Chikumbutso, 20

Chiku is a student at St. Jude private school in Blantyre, MalawiChiku helps Pastor Deverious with the church and ministry work. He has no parents and lives with his older brother who has no job and sometimes gets drunk.

Thanks to three sponsors, Chiku has the opportunity to go to a private secondary school now and pay for his school necessities and medical expenses.

Harry, 20

Harry is a student at St. Jude private school in Blantyre, MalawiHarry is the oldest of 6 children. His mother is 35 and does not always have work. Harry's father died in 2004. He was a business man selling clothes.

In July 2009 we found a sponsor who gives Harry the opportunity to go to secondary school so he can get his High School Diploma.

Frola, 16

Frola is the third oldest of seven children. Her father died in 2004 and her mother Jowana has to support the whole family by herself because her second husband (brother of her first husband) lives with his other wives and does not support Jowana and her children.

In August 2009 we found two sponsors for Frola and now she can go to secondary school, buy school supplies and pay for medical expenses.

More success stories

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