What we do

We here at Children of Malawi do many different things to help the people in Malawi.

Our mission team goes on mission trips to Blantyre in Malawi to work with the Apostolic Heart of Praise Ministries to spread the word of God, feed the hungry and minister to the poor.

Our plan for the future is to build an orphanage in Blantyre so all the children who lost their parents (most of them to AIDS) will have a home and someone who takes care of them.

We also want to build a school in Blantyre so the orphans will have the opportunity to get the education they need in order to go to college, learn a profession and take care of themselves as well as their families.

Besides the mission team we also have volunteers and employees of Light of Life Ministries, Inc. who work hard to raise awarness of the living conditions of the children in Malawi and to find sponsors for the orphans so they get enough food and can go to school.

We all feel that God brought us together to work together and give hope to the hopless.

If you want to become part of our team, get in touch with us. We're looking forward to hearing from you!

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